Tuesday, February 28

Hotel Reservation: Take a bite out of the big apple

If you're still not sure where to head on your summer or autumn vacation this year then look no further - why not head to New York and take a bite out of the big apple? The weather is great, the people are friendly and there are myriad places to make hotel reservation. New York also boasts many an unmissable sightseeing treat; some of which are detailed below.

Obviously if you're a first-timer in NY, you'll want to make a stop at the Empire State Building. However what you might not know is if you take a walk up the Rockafeller Centre, you may actually get a better view not only over the city, but also of the Empire State Building itself. Situated in mid-Manhattan, the centre is extremely popular so you'll want to book this particular sight in advance.

First-timers will also likely be keen to see the Statue of Liberty - arguably the city's most famous landmark. There are a couple of options with this sight; firstly, you can take a ferry out to it and simply wander around its grounds. Alternatively, you can get the same ferry but climb the hundreds of steps up to the crown. Here, you'll find spectacular views and great fodder for your camera.

Next, you'll want to spend a few hours at the American Museum of Natural History. With hundreds of exhibits on offer, the museum boasts a certain grandeur not seen in its British equivalents. It also boasts a fascinating planetarium and revolving special features, meaning you'll see something different every time.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must, too. Home to some two million artworks from all over the world, it's a sight for sore eyes when you step into that classic building. Labelled as "iconic", this is truly one sight you cannot miss.

Lastly, be sure to have a picnic in Central Park - after all, it's the heart of the city and where you'll get to mingle with the New York people.

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