Wednesday, February 29

Things to do in the city of love

Paris has long been associated with romance, with it regularly topping lists of ideal getaway locations for couples seeking a romantic break. So with hotels in Paris incredibly popular amongst couples, what is there to do in the city of love?

Walk around the Luxembourg Gardens

Paris' Luxembourg Gardens draw in plenty of tourists over the holiday season, but being the second-largest public park in Paris, it can still feel suitably quiet and remote even if tourists descend upon it in their droves. Taking into account that the park is known for having a calm atmosphere further proves that even during high season, the area can be a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of Paris city centre.

Set amongst the statues of previous queens and saints are numerous stalls and events, from a theatre des marionnettes to a vintage carousel.

Eat oysters

This is a romantic holiday after all and what says 'I love you' more than the slippery, salty oyster? Well, despite many reservations people may have about oysters, France is certainly the place to have them; laying claim to making them better than anybody else in the world. Plus, not to mention that oysters are an aphrodisiac, thanks to the high zinc content (although relaying facts like that in bed may actually be the anti-aphrodisiac).

Put up a love lock

Love locks are highly contentious, after the issue caught on and they began appearing in their droves on bridges all over the world. Put simply, love locks are padlocks engraved with the initials of the couple that are then clamped onto the mesh of a public building (bridges being a favourite), with the view that it will remain there forever.

Authorities didn't have quite the same idea, however and mysteriously love locks began disappearing entirely overnight. In true 'fight the power' style, couples began putting locks back on; meaning the cat-and-mouse game began all over again.

So for a romantic getaway, Paris is a tough one to beat and can make for a holiday that lasts in the memory for as long as those love lock - hopefully.

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