Monday, March 5

Holidays: Keeping it in the UK

You'd be surprised to hear just how much the UK has to offer in terms of holiday destinations. When the term 'holiday' comes up in conversation, the vast majority of people might say: "Ooh, where did you jet off to?" That shouldn't be the case when the UK harbours so much culture, variety and pleasantry.

Besides, trips abroad are becoming more and more expensive. The cost of flights, nights in a hotel and airport transfers all rack up over time. The money-to-value ratio is fast becoming unattractive to holidaymakers. Why bother flying to a faraway land when many short breaks in UK can satisfy the most ardent of holiday makers?

The UK offers luxury beaches, bustling cities, roaming countrysides, dense forests, free-flowing rivers, picture-esque lakes... what more could you ask for?

For example, Plymouth is home to one of Britain's best-loved historical harbours. On a sunny day, heading to the local beaches of Whits and Bay, Mothecombe and Bovis can rival that of any beach on the globe. Best known for its maritime history, Plymouth also harbours a fantastic metropolitan atmosphere, as well as offering all the attractions of general city life.

On the other hand, the Welsh capital of Cardiff can offer a number of delights not found on the South coast. Home to the prestigious Millennium Stadium, the dense but cosy capital offers a number of touristy delights in a small amount of space, from abseiling to whiskey tasting. Sports fans will be in luck too, as Cardiff was designated as a City of Sports in 2009 due to the quality of its events. The Cardiff International White Water Centre is sure to be a spectacle for canoe fans everywhere.

Though a small selection of what the UK has to offer, these places are sure to whet the appetite of holidaymakers. Why go anywhere else?

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