Monday, March 5

Things you forget about Luton Airport

Many people will be descending on a great number of UK airports this year, keen to make the most of their once-a-year big break.

While most airports have one thing in common - in that they fly passengers to destinations all over the world - some stand out because they have a certain something that you can't find elsewhere.

Whether you're driving or getting a bus to Luton Airport this year on your getaway, here's a few facts that set it apart from the rest.


Luton is one of the UK's most successful airports to date. At the height of its success in 2008, it flew over 10 million passengers, which isn't bad for having just the one runway.

Even though passenger numbers have since averaged to around nine million passengers, it is still the UK's fifth busiest airport, serving some 90 international routes.

It is now seeking to expand its capacity so that it can carry around 18 million people. An even longer term plan has been proposed, suggesting that the airport aims for as many as 30 million passengers one day.


Some of the lowest cost airlines in the UK are housed in Luton airport, making it one of the best airport's for those travelling on a budget. Around 85 per cent of the airport's passengers travel on low-cost carriers, while 10 per cent opt for full service, and just five per cent on charter flights.

The airport also became widely recognised for its selection as a background in the 'Airline' and 'Luton Airport' television series. For nearly seven years the film crews of Airline followed around members of staff and passengers, bringing success to both the airport and ITV.

BBC spoof documentary Come Fly With Me (2010) was heavily based on the material of the two programs.


Luton Airport is publicly owned by Luton Borough Council but is operated managed and developed by a private consortium, London Luton Airport Operations Ltd.

It strives to bring innovation to the airport industry, by implementing policies like a 'Aircraft Noise and Track Monitoring System' to monitor and record levels of Luton Airport aircraft.

It also employs over 500 people directly and around 8,000 indirectly, making it one of the major economic drivers of the regional economy.

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