Monday, April 23

Packing light for a hot trip

It's 8:00 am, you've woken up in an unfamiliar room, the weather is completely different, but there's no panic; you're on the first day of your holiday. The sun is well and truly out and you're meeting a transfer in an hour for your first sightseeing experience.

Taking into account the weather, the duration of the tour and how much walking you need to do, you'll find yourself putting items in and out of your bag until your transfer gets to you. Learning from experience is hard to do when every trip is different, but you should be close to preparing your bag well if you've done your research.

On the day before, if you haven't done it at home or in the departure lounge, find an internet cafe or WiFi hotspot to get the weather forecast. If you can't find one, ask behind reception at your hotel. This will give you an idea of what to prepare for.

Knowing what to expect will come in handy, but on your holidays to Jordan and Petra, in the summer especially, it's likely to be hot.

Water is probably the most important item on a hot day, so make sure you're carrying plenty. This is one item you cannot afford to limit to save a bit of weight on your shoulders. To be safe, have at least 2 litres at hand to last you the day.  

So, if the temperatures are all set for a hot day, make sure you're carrying a sun cream with an SPF of at least 30. Most brands will offer a big bottle, which you can use by the pool, but it might be worth investing in a smaller sized product for your trips out.

Then there's clothing. You might already have planned an outfit, but carry a couple of extra items in your bag. A sun hat and a raincoat that you can fold into the corner of your bag should be enough to deal with any swings in the weather.

A lot of holidays-makers pack their cameras, but you probably don't need the cleaning kit or a hardcase if you're putting it in your bag. If you have a pouch in your carrier then that should suffice.

For your meals, you shouldn't need an excuse to visit some of the fine markets around the places you visit. Vendors usually operate around sights, selling bite-sized versions of authentic cuisine, ensuring that you're well fed and free to carry on with your adventure.

Finally, if you're with somebody else, put a nylon bag inside your main carrier. This could come in useful later on when you buy a couple of souvenirs and you're out of space. Finally, zip everything up and enjoy the tour.