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Weekend breaks in the great outdoors

If you live in a big city, it can be a great feeling to get out of it for the weekend, even if you just go away for one night. The trouble is, a lot of weekend breaks tend to be staying in another town, so even though you might see some interesting sights while you’re there, it’s not that much of a break from the norm.

An alternative weekend break is to spend it camping in a lovely rural or coastal location. People often head for the beach or to the nearest hills for a day’s walking at the weekend. Sometimes it can seem a long way to go only to come back the same day. Taking a tent and a sleeping bag means you can make a weekend of it.

It can also be a great way of meeting up with friends for the weekend, without the onus being on any one particular person to be the host. And if you’ve got a big group of friends who like to meet up, even better, as there’ll be room for everyone. The children will also have the space and freedom to run around the campsite without anyone having to worry about what ornaments might get broken.
Classic places for weekend camping breaks in the UK include the Lake District, Cornwall and Devon. Depending on where you live you want to pick somewhere that’s far enough to feel different but not so far that you spend most of your weekend travelling to and from your destination.

Take the right gear

If you haven’t been camping before, you’ll need to buy some equipment. Of course, a tent is essential, unless you have booked a static mobile home on a camp site or have a campervan. There’s a huge selection of tents and sleeping bags in all the outdoors stores or you can buy them easily on the internet. 

Take some easy to prepare food and some kitchen basics, including a washing up bowl as you’ll have to carry everything to and from the sanitation block to wash-up.

Even if your weekend break is mid-summer, you should still take clothing that keeps you warm and dry, but is made of modern materials so your skin can breathe. Fleece garments are great for throwing on during those cooler times of the day – early morning and in the evening. And wherever you are headed on your camping trip, it would be foolish to go without a waterproof jacket!

Joely loves getting her old school friends together for an annual camping weekend. This Easter, she’s got them to pack their fleece jackets, sleeping bags and tents so they can meet her and her family in Swanage, Dorset.

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