Friday, May 18

Exploring the history of South England

With cheap airlines and package holidays it is pretty cheap and easy these days to go explore the world and (more often) laze around on a quite sunny beach letting the world pass by.

Now I like beach holidays, don’t get me wrong. But every now and then I think it is important to take the time to enjoy a little culture and explore the country you live in. So let’s do exactly that shall we and have a look at what there is to do right here in South Blighty!


The Canterbury tales are of course master piece of literature, and then there is the Cathedral, the oldest in the UK and the one in which Thomas Becket was murdered almost a thousand years ago. The city is a UNESCO world heritage site and is simply brimming over with culture and history.


I imagine you would struggle to find anyone who hadn’t heard of the Battle of Hastings – this city was of great significance in Britain’s past as a world power due to its prime position on the coast.

The Salisbury Plain

You might well be thinking “I know that name, what is it though?” The answer is simple; Stonehenge – perhaps the most famous landmark in the country and certainly the most mysterious. This site dates back to prehistoric times and although no one knows quite how it was built the one thing we can be sure of is that it took a very long time and a lot of ingenuity.

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral was built in the 5th century, over one and a half thousand years ago and is a veritable window into the past. There are many Royal connections to this building and the famous Authoress Jane Austen is buried here too.

Blenheim Palace

The birthplace of Winston Churchill, the most famous prime minister the country has known and arguably the most successful. But the palace is steeped in older history dating back to the battle of Blenheim, and on top of that there are two thousand acres of land to explore, so it’s lovely for a picnic!

This is just a taste of the historic and cultural heritage this little country has to offer, but I hope it has given you the appetite to explore and learn more. Thanks for reading!

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