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Strange Holiday Destinations

There are many out of the ordinary holiday destinations around the world. Even if you are not able to immediately afford a trip you can always consider cash loans as an option to financing your special trip.

Island Destinations

Makepeace Island, which is situated along Queensland's Noosa River, is now open for booking. This unusual holiday destination was created for Brett Godfrey and Richard Branson in 2009.

Although originally designed for the private use of Godfrey and Branson, exclusive groups of up to twenty two people are now able to make accommodation reservations at Makepeace Island, which boasts a tennis court, outdoor cinema, spa and swimming pool.

Visitors to Queensland, Australia, who are looking for a pretty unique getaway, would do well to consider staying at Makepeace Island.

Island holiday

Galesnjak Island is another interesting and unusual holiday destination. This amazingly heart-shaped island, which is situated along the Croatia coast, is open to tourism.

Galesnjak Island, which is affectionally known as 'Lovers Island', is the perfect destination for romantic couples who are looking for an undisturbed holiday destination.

The uniquely shaped island, which is approximately 130,000 square yards in size, is uninhabited and lies between Zadar and Pasman Island. Despite its small size, Galesnjak Island is becoming an extremely popular holiday destination.

Something Really Different

A visit to North Korea is an exciting and totally different experience. Large military parades can still be seen in the square at Pyongyang, while the adventurous traveler can visit one of the numerous huts that are located along the border between South and North Korea and get to see the guards in the not too far distance.

Square at Pyongyang - North Korea

Other fascinating sights include a spy boat, which was captured from the USA and the Kumsusan Palace. You can wander through the never-ending passages at the Friendship Exhibition and see how people live on one of the co-operative farms.

Don't come home from a vacation in North Korea without purchasing a little propaganda to remind you of your visit.

Strange but True

Deep blue holes are located throughout Belize and the Bahamas. These massive cavities form the entrance to amazingly long underwater caves, which draw experienced divers to this magical destination.

Deep blue holes - Belize

Huge numbers of bizarre creatures and dry chambers that hold stalagmites and stalactites add to the interest of a trip to these blue holes.

Absolutely Beautiful

Tourists to the National Park of Sanqingshan in China will marvel at the remarkable outcrops of granite in this mystical place of fog, mist and stunning sunsets. Sanqingshan is known for its awesome scenery and overwhelming tranquility.

Sanqingshan National Park - China

Striking waterfalls, natural springs and pools all add to the peaceful atmosphere of this exceptionally beautiful tourist destination.

Suspend Disbelief

A visit to Racetrack Playa in California during the period of winter rains will reveal rocks and boulders that move about the desert floor and leave very visible tracks in their wake.

Racetrack Playa - California

Scientific research has shown that the phenomenon is not staged, but scientists are still attempting to capture this incredible migration of stones on film. Racetrack Playa, which is also known as Death Valley, is a fascinating and strange place to visit, but who knows, you may be the first person to capture the movement of these boulders on camera.


For the adventurous at heart, there will always be numerous strange but wonderful holiday destinations to visit.