Tuesday, June 26

Business class flight: The most exclusive way to fly

Are you confused about choosing between a first class and business class? A Sky club business class flight is the most preferred of all classes. A business class flight is more expensive compared to first class flight. But traveling in a Sky club business class can provide you with better amenities and services than first class. The difference between a first class and business class is like between a 3 starred hotel and 5 starred hotels. 

Sky club Business class or upper class is situated in the front fuselage of the flight unlike first or economical class. The front seats are fixed for business class passenger, so these seats are more comfortable compared to the seats of other classes in flights. The seats are plush with enough space for leg room and head rest. In Sky club business class flights the entire seat can be transformed into a comfortable and luxurious bed for overnight traveling passengers. Apart from that, the seats come with fitted music system and amenities such as fold away desks to help you carry on with your work in the laptop. The interior of business class flight look similar to a living room where the seats are like miniature sofas.  Small bars or enclosures are located in the middle of the chamber to serve drinks to the passengers.

Another specialty of business class flight is they are served highest quality of food. They give widest choices in their menu and the food is served in porcelain coated crockery. Apart from that, the Sky club business class passengers get complimentary alcoholic drinks free on their arrival in the flight.

Most of the airlines company provides their business class flight passengers a separate lounge in the airport where the passengers can relax in privacy. Some lounges have separate nap rooms, smoking area and entertainment zone where you can sleep, smoke and entertain your kids.