Friday, June 15

Don't forget these holiday essentials

We work hard all year in order to afford a holiday abroad and as the anticipation mounts, we find the 'To Do' list is getting increasingly longer. There's so much to remember, especially if you are packing on behalf of the whole family.

It's not simply a case of packing clothes, flip flops and sun block, though. There are several points which, if neglected, could ruin the entire holiday. To help you out, here's a list of essentials that you really ought to remember:

Passports and visas

It's not sufficient to simply locate all of the passports; you must check that they are still valid. So many people turn up at the airport without realising that their passport has expired, promptly ending their holiday plans. Some countries require a particular period of passport validity as part of their entry requirements, so check whether yours complies. While you are at it, establish whether you will need to apply for a visa. The USA, for example, requires Brits to complete an online form for its US Visa Waiver Programme, 72 hours before travelling. Don't get caught out. 


Depending on where you are travelling, it might be that inoculations are required against tropical diseases. You should be able to check this online, with the relevant country's embassy or by calling the doctor. It's worth finding out as soon as possible as some injections and/or tablets need to be administered some time in advance of departure, in order that they can get into the bloodstream.


Lots of people forgo this holiday essential, but they are irresponsible to do so. It is vital that anyone travelling overseas on holiday, especially with children, should buy travel insurance. This covers all medical eventualities and can prevent hefty bills for hospital treatment. It might also cover theft, delays, cancellations and any other disaster that was not your fault. It's not worth flying without it.


Not all travel operators provide transfers automatically and those making arrangements independently online particularly should double check whether they can get from the airport to the resort. Ask your travel agent or read the find print on your e-ticket scrupulously, just in case. Taxis will be an expensive solution. Additionally, it's worth considering how you are going to get to the airport from your home, as parking spaces in long-term car parks may need prior booking.


Don't forget to pack some adaptors so that all of your electrical devices can be charged / will work on foreign currents. There's nothing worse than arriving on holiday to find you forgot the adaptor for your camera charger and can't take many photographs of your family in the sunshine. Or worse, can't phone your mum to tell her you all arrived safely as your phone charger doesn't work!

Tick these points off the 'To Do' list and you should be set for a brilliant holiday. Bon voyage!

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