Tuesday, June 26

San Francisco: The Best Summer vacation you will ever have

A pleasant place to be during your summer vacation, San Francisco has many tourist attraction sites that can entertain and entice both children and adults. And if you need a guide to some of the famous places to visit in San Francisco, read on further.

Habitot Museum

If you have kids who are under five years old, then take them to the play-based learning museum, the Habitot Children’s Museum.
Located right across the bay in Berkeley, this museum will delight your little ones with various creative fun activities without you worrying if they might get bored during a vacation. Painting, water sports for kids and kite displays are some of the frequent choices among kids.

The Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park steals most of the attention from visitors worldwide. This urban park is a feast to the eyes with its display of cultural attractions. A perfect location for a nap, picnic, walks or romantic boat rowing, the Golden Gate Park has historic windmills, a flower conservatory, Japanese Tea Garden, rental boats, walking and biking paths.

Fisherman’s Wharf

The Fisherman’s Wharf is the busiest commercial location that has loads of seafood and fish since it is a hub of city’s fishing industry. With so much to see like – the PIER 39 sea lions, a World War II submarine and memorial (USS Pampanito), Ghirardelli Square and shops and restaurants offering local specialty – try not to underestimate this crowd puller.

Union Square

Welcome to the nation’s top shopping area! The Union Square, San Francisco has beautiful outdoor setting and a large central plaza surrounded by palm trees on its four entrance corners. Created during the civil war demonstrating support to the union, today the Union Square at San Francisco accommodates popular shopping malls and live shows. It is also a home to art galleries and home theater.  If your schedule includes a trip to the Union Square then my advice would be to go on any weekday, since it gets pretty crowded during weekends.

San Francisco is a fine place to visit during the hot summer. And if it is a family vacation, your kids would enjoy it the most. Since it is mandatory to carry an ESTA US Visa for any international traveler visiting the US, make sure you and your family possess this Visa. Instructions and ESTA Visa Application are available online.

The above article is written by Joanne Smith. Her passion is to write on Travel Blogs, your can reach her @travelplex.

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