Friday, July 20

Campervan Tour in Australia

If you've never been to Australia and you like to travel then it's a country that is sure to be on your list of places to visit. If you've already been once then you probably want to go back. There are lots of different ways to see Australia but the best by far is to take a campervan trip. It's a unique, fun, adventurous way to get to know the beaches, outback, rainforest, towns and villages of this great country.

Picking the Right Campervan

It's important that you pick the right kind of campervan for your trip. There are a range of options running from no frills to full on luxury. The most basic models are just a small van with a bed in the back. The most luxurious seem to be a house on wheels. I usually go for one of the vans in the budget bracket. Not just to save money, but also because they are always smaller so easier to drive and I often find that simple is best. 

A fully kitted out van will include a toilet and shower but if you are staying in powered campsites each night, which have their own shower facilities, why would you need to take one with you? Equally, if you are driving along the coast why not take advantage of the free showers for surfers that dot most coastal towns.

I usually rent a Hitachi Hi-Top. This includes a small two hob stove in the back of the van and one of the highlights of any trips for me, and you'll find me writing about this kind of stuff a lot at, is cooking on the camp stove. For some reason, just brewing up a cup of tea or making a simple meal seems like an adventure when you're in the back of a campervan. Maybe it's the ever changing backdrops or just the experience of cooking outside a normal kitchen.

How Long to Drive Each Day?

One of the important things to get right on a driving holiday is striking the correct balance between covering enough distance to feel that you've really seen the country and stopping for long enough to enjoy the places you visit. A few times on our trip we would make a special effort to drive a lot during the day to get to somewhere we wanted to go. This meant we'd get up early, drive all day with short stops and then pull in to our next camping location after dark. It's fine a few times during a road trip but if you do this too much you start to realize that you are missing out on a lot. It's best to drive for a four or five hours a day maximum and make sure to stop if you see anything that strikes your fancy. A big part of the pleasure of a driving trip is seeing the small, unexpected things that will never be listed in a tourist brochure.

The Campervan Lifestyle

Before we went on our first campervan trip my partner and I were worried about what it would be like. One of main reasons we did it was to save money. It is certainly a very budget friendly way of travelling. After the first few days we gradually came to realize that not only was it a good way to save money but we actually preferred it to staying in hotel rooms. Every day we'd wake up to stunning scenery, we could park where we wanted and munch our evening meal under a different sky each night and it filled us with a tremendous sense of freedom. If you have ever considered visiting Australia then take a look in to going the campervan route. Maybe you'll find a new passion in life.

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