Tuesday, July 24

Night life in Warsaw

Whilst Warsaw is a great place to explore for its historical and architectural features, it is also a place that is full of young attractive people who enjoy going out in the evenings and partying until the early hours. If you enjoy doing the same, then Warsaw can offer you many fun experiences throughout the night and you will be able to find things to suit your mood and your night life tastes just a few steps away from your Warsaw apartment.

In comparison to Krakow, Warsaw is a little wilder. You will find the DJs cranking up the volume all night, whilst the party goers dance the night away, drinking heavily and sometimes even taking recreational drugs.  This is a capital city so you this is to be expected and you can choose whether you want to join in with this wild atmosphere, or if you would prefer to enjoy a quieter more relaxed evening out. 

Before you even leave your own country to travel to Warsaw, you should research online at the location that you will be staying in. You should ensure that you know what proximity you are to the best venues, and if you are traveling to Warsaw for the nightlife then you will probably want to make sure that your hotel is going to be in the center of it all. Its not like in Krakow, where it is almost sure, that all the clubs will be near your Krakow apartments.

For most people venturing on a night out, the first port of call is normally a bar.  It is usually too much all at once just to go straight to a club with the booming music, and hoards of people who have already have 10 times as many drinks as you have, so look out for the many bars and up market cocktail bars that you can find around Warsaw’s streets.  Some of the most popular and highly recommended bars are the Mono bar, paparazzi and Sheesha bars, just to get you in the party mood, and to let you start drinking.  Mono Bar is the place to be if you like music from the 1970s or 1980s.  The feel in this bar is quite retro and you can have a boogie and a good time.  Paparazzi as the name suggests is rather more up market and you will be able to sip cocktails on the swanky sofas in this swinging joint.  Sheesha offers dancers from around the world and has a very cultural feel.

For some great nightclubs, you should check out Piekarnia, Opera, Enclawa and Balsam. These venues offer some great hardcore dance hits and a great dance atmosphere.  If you would like a more chilled out night club, then you should certainly check out Sketch, which is more of an elite social club rather than being just another place to drink and have a wild time.

Whatever your tastes are though, there are enough clubs and venues in Warsaw to be able to provide you with a great night out. Another European destination famous for its night life is Barcelona and you can stay in apartment in Barcelona if you go there.

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