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Top Ten Tourist Attractions in the Southwest of England

The rumors that have been flying about the tourist attractions in the southwest of England are exciting, but the best part is that they are all true. Whether tourists are planning to visit Great Britain as a part of the Olympic Games or just for a family vacation, the sites and activities found in the Southwest are some of the best, and variety is the name of the game. The following should make anyone’s top ten list:

1. Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire: Tourists can soak up history at this great architectural structure which was built around 1220.

Not only does it contain the tallest spire in the United Kingdom, but one of the buildings on these grounds also houses one of only four original copies of the Magna Carta.

2. St. Mawes Castle in Cornwall: Used as a fortress to protect against aggression by Spain or France by Henry VIII, this magnificent castle is ornately decorated and well preserved. The site offers visitors excellent views of Falmouth and the River Fal. The only Civil War cannon ball that is still in existence can be seen at St. Mawes.

3. Corinium Museum in Gloucestershire:
Tourists will get a good picture of England during the time of the Roman occupation at this museum that includes relics from the Neolithic Period to that of the time of Queen Victoria.

4. Sennen Cove Beach in Cornwall: Sand and surf lovers will appreciate this stretch of coastland in Whitesand Bay. Surfers love this destination, which offers great waves of all calibers, including those appropriate for novice surfers, and has stunning views.

5. Longleat Safari Park: Visitors get to see animals in the wild without leaving their vehicles at this attraction that has been receiving visitors since 1966. Children are especially appreciative of the monkeys, tigers, giraffe, lions, rhinos, and wolves, as well as the gorgeous landscape that they inhabit.

6. Stourhead Estate in Wiltshire:
Beauty abounds nowhere else in England as it does in the 18th century gardens found on this estate. Designed by Henry Hoare II, who tried to impress visitors with gardens that reflect those found in the paintings of Poussin, Dughet, and Claude, these grounds are breathtaking in every season.

7. Dartmoor National Park: To experience nature at its best, visitors should make this destination a part of any vacation plans. Covering 368 square miles, unusual rock formations, granite tors, and breathtaking woodlands provide great places for family explorations.

8. Bath: The ancient Roman baths in this city are always intriguing to tourists, but the surrounding area also offers some interesting walking tours, including the Bath Skyline Walk.

9. Stonehenge World Heritage Site in Wiltshire: These prehistoric rocks on the border of the Salisbury Plain were probably positioned as early as 3000 BC, and people still find their purpose illusive, but fascinating. The secrets of Stonehenge are waiting to be unraveled by visitors fascinated by the unknown.

10. Kents Cavern in Devon: The earliest known human habitation in Britain occurred in these caverns. Visitors can take a guided tour though the depths of what was once home to early man and will be able to imagine what life might have been like during prehistoric times.

Of course, a top ten list is always subjective and will depend on the interests of the writer, but this list includes a wide range of activities. The truth is that the southwest of England offers something pleasurable to all ages and intellects. Visitors can learn, play, explore and relax in this area that is steeped in history and entrenched in natural beauty.

Jennifer Lewis loves to visit the southwest of England and always finds new places to explore. She writes for a website that has information on federal school grants for women and helps female students find financial aid for college.

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