Thursday, July 19

Water Parks in Florida

Florida is well-known for having a warm climate all year round, so a regular cooling-down is recommended whilst staying in the aptly named Sunshine State. Exploring many of the popular theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios can leave you feeling a little hot and sweaty. It’s no surprise therefore that Florida also has some of the world’s greatest water parks to cool you down and offer respite from the scorching sun.


SeaWorld know a thing or two about water so their sister park is unsurprisingly one of the most popular attractions in Orlando. Setting the benchmark for water slides and lazy rivers, Aquatica is a brilliant day out for the whole family. One of the best water slides includes the Dolphin Plunge, a thrilling ride which goes through a dolphin habitat. If you’re after something a little more sedate, then you could always float down the lazy river past tropical fish and exotic marine life.

Wet n’ Wild

This water park stands alone when it comes to thrills and spills. Targeted more towards young adults than families, you can enjoy the cocktail bar in between riding some daring water slides. Wet n’ Wild have certainly been creative with their slides as well, including the Black Hole, a two-seater that zips you through the darkness giving the impression you are travelling through space, or H20 disco, a slide bowl complete with mirror ball and 70s disco tunes. It truly is unforgettable and a fantastic experience with a group of friends.

Typhoon Lagoon

One of Disney’s water parks, this is a walk into a fantasy land and maintains all the magic and wonder of the Disney parks. Memorable for its epic wave machine which will have you bobbing up and down in the shadow of Miss Tilly; the ill-fated shrimp boat perched atop a volcano which sprouts a water geyser every half an hour.

Blizzard Beach

The second of Disney’s water parks and just as toontastic as the first! The story behind this park came from a freak Blizzard storm which hit Florida and covered everything in snow. Disney though they would build a ski resort, but didn’t anticipate the snow melting, leaving the water park we know today. Complete with skiing themes, and a whole host of awesome water slides, including family friendly rides and cafes, Blizzard Beach is a must to complete your Disney experience.


Opening in May 2012, the LEGOLAND water park is the latest attraction to hit the Florida scene and it’s already proving a huge success. You can expect all the fun from LEGOLAND, but just a bit more wetter. Complete with a 1,000ft lazy river and 375ft twin chaser water slide, it’s a real contender for Orlando’s existing water parks.

Discovery Cove

Perhaps the ultimate water park in Orlando, Discovery Cove offers the unique experience of swimming with dolphins. The park has been expanding ever since it opened and now has a warm water lazy river, an aviary full of exotic birds, an underwater diving experience called SeaVenture and, their latest addition, FreshWater Oasis, with friendly otters and cute marmosets. This park is extremely popular and with limited admission, it means you have to book well in advance!