Thursday, August 2

Travel Savings: Know about Tax saver monthly Railway Tickets

Light Rail Transit is a type of rail system serving the urban areas of Ireland. It is highly popular form of transport in the cities. This type of rail runs on electricity or on diesel-powered systems. Transit rail systems are smaller and lighter than other normal trains. They carry limited number of passengers and hence are efficient and faster than any other means of transportation such as buses.

The stations of light rail system are situated mainly in public or civic centre such as railway stations, airports and shopping malls. This helps the passengers to get to their destinations in less distance and short time. The stations of the light transit system are spaced at prime locations along with the train routes. The passengers can get on and off the trains or change to other means of transport.

When it comes to buying tickets of light rail transit, you get a variety of options. You can purchase the tickets on the train from the vending machines at the stations. Pre-purchase monthly tickets are also available. For frequent travellers, the option to buy single and round trip tickets or weekly or monthly train ticket is available. However, there are discounts for students, ex-servicemen, seniors and children. But to avail this facility, you need to show photo identification proof.

Light rail system is an environmentally-friendly and efficient mode of transport. They are faster, reliable and quite useful than any other form of mass transit during rush hour. Travelling in light rail transit system is easy; you will get all information about trains in the stations. The walls often feature full maps of the light rail system and the train maps as well.

The tax saver commuter ticket scheme was established in Ireland in 2000. It was introduced as an incentive for workers to use public transport. This scheme was meant to provide discounted transport commuter tickets of bus or rail to people who travel for work.

This plan or incentive is a positive way to encourage people to avail public transport of Ireland. Another problem it means to reduce is traffic congestion. To avail this scheme, the workers need to sign contract with their employers. The tax saver scheme involves both the employees and employer with discounted bus and rail commuter tickets while helping their employer with decreased tax and PRSI payments.

With this scheme, the employees can save up to 47% of travel costs. To get the tickets from their employer they need to give a small part of their salary through salary sacrifice arrangement. The employers can save up to 10.75% of tax by providing TaxSaver commuter monthly ticket to their employees.

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