Saturday, September 29

Australia Tour: A basic travel guide to Melbourne

Melbourne is the top industrial and commercial city of Australia. It is a cultural and sporting capital of Australia as well. Various ethnic groups stay in this city; therefore, it has different cultural characters. This is what makes this city a sophisticated and fashionable getaway for travellers. 

Best Melbourne attractions

It has become a top tourism hub. You can find out a lot of reason to visit this city. Travellers mainly visit this city to experience a different kind of sporting events, explore the structural design as well as the Phillip Island, Great Ocean RD, Grampians National Park.

If you love to taste different kinds of drinks, then you can take a tour to the Federation Square. This place is popular for being the location of several bars, bistros and cafes. It is also a popular meeting place in Melbourne since it is close to cricket stadium, and other cultural venues. You can get to experience many live events in association with cultural exhibitions and art galleries here in Melbourne.   

Things to do in Melbourne

Your trip to Melbourne is incomplete if you miss out an opportunity to ride on the iconic Melbourne tram. This is a great way to travel around this city. The route takes only thirty minutes. However, if you wish you can get on and off the tram as per your wish. You will get this free.

You can prefer to walk around the narrow streets of this city, especially the Flinders Lane. The array of restaurants and cafes offering lattes on these streets will definitely entice you.

How to reach Melbourne

You can find out many airlines from London, Manchester, and other parts of UK that fly to Melbourne. There are several budget airlines too. However, if you want to enjoy your air travel, you can opt for business class flight. If you have a good journey on your way to destination, you can enjoy your trip from the very first day.