Saturday, September 22

The Best Snowboarding Destinations for winter 2012-13

Millions of people visit snowboarding and skiing resorts throughout the year. Snowboarding is a popular recreational activity for outdoor adventure lovers. The best snowboarding destinations offer various amenities and services to provide vacationers with the most all-inclusive experience and enjoyment. Also, the landscapes and sceneries comprise of high terrain parks and half pipes as well as acres of trails. The most popular snowboarding resorts depend on their pristine mountains for the success of their operations. Many resorts have also expanded their recreational activities to accommodate entire families as well as those who enjoy other leisure activities, such as shopping and dining.

• Keystone
Enjoy snowboarding throughout the trails of Dercum Mountain, A51 Terrain Park, North Peak and Outback. Keystone is located in Colorado, and the stable weather conditions provide the perfect climates for snowboarding in the high terrains. As you enjoy various winter activities at Keystone, consider indulging in more of the services offered to visitors by visiting the Keystone Spa or shop for souvenirs and snowboarding garments at the various shopping venues. The Keystone Resort has a relaxing atmosphere in their comfortable hotels and condos. You will also find elegant dining establishments located in the resort.

• Squaw Valley
Squaw Valley is located in Lake Tahoe, California. The resort is situated in the heart of the Sierra Mountains. Throughout the winter months, the Sierra Mountains provide the perfect atmosphere for snowboarding. The high and low terrains accommodate beginner and advanced snowboarders. At the Squaw Valley resort, enjoy your meals at selective restaurants and eateries. Also, the Village at Squaw Valley Lodge provides a variety of amenities for visitors, including whirlpool spas and private balconies for each selected rooms.

• Mammoth Mountain
Mammoth Mountain, located in Mammoth Lakes, California provides a great atmosphere for beginner and advanced snowboarders. The resort also provides instructional lessons for adults and children. There are several lodging accommodations at Mammoth Mountain, such as the Main Lodge, Canyon Lodge and Eagle Lodge. Enjoy some of your favorite meals at the food courts and restaurants located at each lodge. Shop for winter garments at the Mountain and Village shops. Mammoth Mountain also provides an atmosphere for those who enjoy the nightlife.

• Stratton
Stratton Mountain, situated in the heart of Vermont is the perfect place for snowboarding and other winter activities. Because of the cold climate during the winter months, the high and low terrains of Stratton Mountain offer a great environment for snowboarding activities. At Stratton Mountain, you will also have an opportunity to stay at one of the comfortable hotels and condominiums, including Crown Point, Vantage Point Villas, Stratton Mountain Inn, Obertal and Long Trail House. Stratton Mountain offers vacation packages for large groups and weddings. Also, there are dining establishments, shopping venues, a spa and a sports center.

Snowboarding has become a popular winter sport for all individuals who love exploring the outdoors. The best resort destinations provide exceptional opportunities for snowboarders to indulge in their hobbies throughout the pristine snowfalls of the high and low mountain terrains.

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