Wednesday, October 31

Bank holiday travel tips

We all know how stressful planning a trip away can be especially when you are looking to take advantage of long weekends typically associated with bank holidays.

It has been recently reported that nearly 2 million additional people in Britain look to take an additional trip when there is a bank holiday incentive to do so. Taking this into consideration what travel tips should you keep in mind if you plan to travel on a bank holiday in the UK especially when planning to travel abroad?

First of all when you are trying to book a last minute deal try (as hard as it may be) to not jump in and buy the first package that comes along but remember to take a moment to logically take a step back and make sure that you purchase the essentials that go along with the holiday like travel insurance or checking whether you already have travel insurance with an existing policy like an annual multi-trip travel insurance plan.

Think very carefully about planning your trip paying special attention to how to get to airports, ferry ports etc. as the main roads are likely to be excessively busy on a bank holiday compared to a standard days travel. It is important to consider alternative routes that may be longer in mileage as these are often less used and less well known.

Any areas in which you can save time queuing on a bank holiday; can be very valuable too as with most other standard traffic on a bank holiday human traffic also increases greatly. An area that you might want to think about for this includes pre weighing luggage - this may enable you to miss out some queues altogether. You will be surprised how much time this can save.

Generally speaking, and staying on the ‘thinking in advance’ thread taking food with you, filling up with petrol the day (or two) before and of course double checking all pre travel checklists are all good tasks to keep in mind – especially in preparation for a trouble free bank holiday weekends travelling.