Monday, October 29

The stag's guide to Bournemouth

Not every stag party has to be held in a big city like London or Birmingham. In fact, many are finding success by branching out with their do's. Think about it; how many of your group have visited cities on your list? Are you going by a friend's recommendation or by reputation alone? If the latter is true, you might want to give your plan a rethink.

London might offer a wide range of night spots, but at a cost and without a list of outdoor activities to enjoy. You only get one crack at getting this weekend right, so you should be looking to mix things up; to visit somewhere you've never been before. If you want a unique stag do, Bournemouth will be happy to live up to the hype. Here are some of its finest boasts:

The coast

Bournemouth's coastal location makes it perfect for stags looking to fill their days with exhilarating activities. Forget the all-day drinking sessions; it's all about powerboating. You don't have to hold any form of license or have previous experience on a high speed vehicle, you just have take any pointers or instructions on board. After that, you're free to explore the surroundings - through timed races or cruises to the Isle of Wight. It's up to you.

Alternatively, you can kill a few hours between activities by hitting the sand to enjoy a few beverages. The London version of this being a quick nap in the hotel room..   


It might be grim up North, but it's just fine down South. Rather than going on hearsay, why not conduct some research? Compare Southern temperatures with those from other parts of the UK to see just how much clearer it is down below. Furthermore, even if the wind does pick up, you can turn the situation in your favour by booking windsurfing lessons.


Bournemouth is popular holiday destination amongst pensioners, but they're unlikely to be found in the wide range of nightclubs that line the coast. To experience the atmosphere at peak levels, try booking up over summer when the crowds are out. Most will have an outside area so revellers can watch the tide creeping in, but a sunset can add so much more to the occasion.

Now, considering such sights can be viewed from the comfort of a bar stool, it's no wonder so many stags are choosing Bournemouth as their destination of choice.