Saturday, October 20

Top 3 Winter Holiday Destinations you can’t afford to miss

Few more weeks to go and the first few snowflakes will cover the majority of the winter sports resorts in the world. Therefore, the time has come to start making winter holiday plans, in case that practicing winter sports is on your top priorities list. Fortunately, many of the worldwide winter resorts offer tourists many possibilities.

If you are interested in cross country skiing, then one of the best possible destinations for you would be Calgary, Alberta in Canada. And while cross country skiing may be one of the easier winter sports, you will still need to have access to very good tracks in order to practice it properly.

The good news is that Canada Olympic Park, which is located in West Calgary, offers numerous places for skiing, with about 1.4 miles / 2.2 kilometers of trails being open for the public from November until March. If you intend to go cross country skiing there, you are going to need a pass which can be purchased either on a daily, or on a per-season basis.

Canada Olympic Park

While in Calgary, make sure to visit the Heritage Park Historical Village, where all the visitors are invited to step back in time, in order to see how the West was in the past. In fact, if you are interested in history and the way the things were in the past, this is the perfect place to visit, as you will get in contact with the old Western Canada, the way it was between 1864 and 1950.

The Park will help you understand the way the first settlements were established and how was life in those times. In addition to this, you will get the chance to ride the thundering steam train, take a trip to the antique midway, visit the Gasoline Alley Museum, taste the tasty Alberta fresh bakery products, and the list may go on.

Curling is a novice-friendly winter game and this means almost anyone can enjoy playing it. The game is successfully played in Bemidji, Minnesota, in a club that has produced more than 50 American state and national titles during the last few years. So, if you are willing to try and practice this sport, Bemidji would be the perfect winter holiday destination. While visiting the first town on the Mississippi map, don’t forget that the city also provides 14,000 miles / 22530 kilometers of trails that are used by snowmobiles all winter long. The trails run across the state, being well marked and safe, easy to use.

Breckenridge, Colorado is the perfect destination for snowboarding lovers. It is a town that receives a lot of tourists all year long, being one of the most popular ski and winter sports resorts in the area. There are four mountain peaks with multiple ski slopes, each one of them having diverse difficulty levels. The resort ranks among the first few very popular winter ski resort in the U.S.A, the main reason for this being the fact that it provides something for every age and ability level.

While in Breckenridge, remember to offer yourself a nice dog sledding ride. Siberian Huskies are trained to pull sledges, and this gives you the possibility to visit the area in a unique way. Professionals will teach you how to handle the sledge and communicate with the dogs, so that no accidents or incidents occur. Up to six persons can get on a sledge and go on a six mile relay around Breckenridge; this is called a relay because people can switch off between running the dogs, riding the dogsled and riding on a small passenger sleigh with a guide. The entire trip will last one hour but it will be an hour to remember a life time.

George Pirvu is the author of the article and he is working as a blogger for Thrifty Romania.