Wednesday, October 3

Top Attractions of Corsica

Long before you set foot on the island, the stunning landscape of Corsica will captivate you. When you watch the island from a distance it will seem as if mountains have raised right out of the sea. The spectacular beaches and stunning mountains have fascinated tourists down the ages. It is mainly because of the natural beauty that Corsica has gained such huge popularity as a tourist destinations, but adventure lovers will find this island equally interesting. The pleasure of the Mediterrean climate is an added advantage.

If you are planning a trip to Corsica, the following destinations are a must see for you.


Located just 180 km south to French Riviera, this seaside resort is a must see for every tourist. This place has special significance since it is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. If you want to spend time in isolation you can sit on the secluded beaches and enjoy nature around. Otherwise the happening nightlife is awaiting you. Make sure to savour mouthwatering cuisine in the restaurants. From Calvi, the Scandola Nature Reserve is easily accessible. You can also explore the towns of La Balagne from here.

Sant’ Antonino

Known as the “Garde of Corsica”, Sant’ Antonino is home to many fruit orchards and olive trees. The best way to reacj this eagle’s nest on the hilltop is to start your journey from the village of Algajola and follow the zig zag route upto the mountain top that overlooks the Balagne region and the ocean. The cobbled streets, hidden streets and the stunning view of the sea, make this place a favourite destination of tourists.

Scandola Nature Reserve and Girolata

Declared as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the reserve is situated on the Gulf of Girolata and Porto. This place is accessible only by boat. The amazing rock formations that you would see in Scandola were carved out by sea, wind and volcanic activity. The major attractions of this place are the jagged rocks, dramatic cliffs, coves and grottos.

When you plan a trip to Corsica, you should either stay in the beach resorts or the hotels netsled in the valleys. All the luxury hotels offer stunning view of the surrounding. Though the luxury hotels can be a bit costly, they ensure comfortable stay, pleasant ambiance and delicious food. Every penny you spend will be worth. Therefore, you should not hesitate to choose a luxury hotel and make your Corsica holiday a memorable one.