Wednesday, February 6

Qualities that come out during teambuilding events

While many people in the workplace have their preconceptions - whether misguided or not - about other workers, it's only by thrusting people together that their true qualities are sometimes really able to shine.

Let's ponder this for a moment. Suppose you have 'the quiet one' in the office. While you, as an employer, might not like to stereotype - nor have the rest of your team stereotyped - sometimes it's far too easy to make assumptions about someone, at first glance.

What if 'the quiet one' is indeed a born leader though? What if, under that quiet demeanour, they ooze tenacity, integrity and drive? You might never know this unless they are put in a position (perhaps out of their comfort zone) where they are forced to rely on these natural instincts to solve a problem, overcome an obstacle and so forth.

Maybe then, just maybe, one of the best ways you're ever going to find this out is by making team building activities for work a part of your corporate timetable. If there was an opportunity for an employee to shine, then it's certainly during these kinds of challenges.

No matter whether a physical or metal challenge, what kinds of desirable work qualities could you hope to draw out of your staff when they're under the cosh?

Leadership and confidence

You might consider this the proverbial 'big one', but finding a natural born leader is of great importance to any organisation. These are the kinds of people who of course make great managers but also have the ability to listen to their employees and have a great rapport with them.

Natural leaders at team building events don't make themselves known simply by being the first to jump in and volunteer them. They're actually the ones who show great vision, coordination and cooperation; drawing on every single team members strengths to get the job done.

Compassion and humility

Empathetic and compassionate employees are just as vital to an organisation as leaders. These are the people that lend moral support and help lift the whole team when trouble arises. They're not selfish, but selfless; always willing to help others in need.

At a basic level, you might consider placing these employees in positions that involved customer-facing roles, or in other very public-facing duties. To have the ability to listen to others and understand their concerns, working toward the best possible outcome is a very admirable quality indeed.

Problem solving

A problem-solver is a welcome addition to a strongly-led, compassionate team. These individuals are the metaphorical cogs inside the machine that is your business. They'll make themselves known by taking time to figure out the most straightforward, logical solution to a problem - sometimes irrespective of how their approach might affect others. However, this doesn't make them bad people, just focused.


When times are good, or times are bad, you'll always need employees that can bring a laugh into the workplace - just as long as it's not a full-time occupation.

Funnymen and women help lift the mood of others and sometimes bring those who lack confidence, or self-esteem, out of their shells. As long as the jokes aren't directed at any individuals, these people can be some of the most important staff you have. They help create a cohesive and joyous atmosphere for all.

Magnus Ward is a professional writer, blogger and also a globetrotter. Currently he lives in Brighton, UK. In the above post, he has come up with some great suggestions as to how to motivate staffs in office. To know more about team building activities, you may connect him via Google+