Tuesday, April 30

Holiday in Lake Fuschl and enjoy the beauty of Salzburg

There were times when all we would want is a holiday on a beach or by the pool, but with so many people with the same idea that isn’t the most relaxing option. Nowadays people are looking for ways to explore the world whilst still being able to relax. After searching online for quite some time, talking to friends and going through review sites and social media we finally made a decision… to break from the mould. We wanted to stay somewhere in Europe that wasn’t Greece or Spain and finally decided on a lakes holiday from Thomson Lakes  which lead us to Lake Fuschl in Austria.

We all love being by the water and find there is nothing better than waking up after a wonderful day exploring to opening your hotel doors, to glistening water and serene surroundings. The lake wasn’t full of holiday makers, we could spend our lunch times sitting on the lake and taking in the beautiful scenery.  From Lake Fuschl we took a short bus journey to historic city of Salzburg which has a number of wonderful attractions to visit. Here are just a few suggestions for you to add to your to-do list and make your holiday to the lakes a memorable one for all the right reasons.

Salzburg Cathedral

The area where the cathedral is located was more than likely used for sacrifices and rituals from Celtic to Roman times and is therefore very sacred. The paintings and architecture are absolutely stunning and is quite simply one of the most amazing cathedrals I have visited within Europe. It is free to gain entrance here and you can make donations if you wish, you may wish to take in some food and drink to allow you to spend the day here and enjoy it fully without the need to rush off for lunch.

Hellbrunn Castle

The best time to head here is after the winter months, the reason for this is you will be able to see all of the water features in working order which only adds to the beauty of the castle – otherwise the water may be frozen over. If you decide to visit during the winter months not only can you enjoy the Castle and walk around its surroundings you can visit the Salzburg Christmas market which is located on the grounds of the castle.

Salzburg Fortress

If photography is important to you on your travels, then taking some time out to visit the Salzburg fortress will not leave you disappointed. The views available from the top of the fortress are breathtaking and make for the most superb photos – so make sure you camera is fully charged. There is also a museum and gift shop available, which is always a nice addition to bring some memories back home with you.

Hopefully you will have observed from the name, this historical building is full of insights into musical legend Mozart. It provides you a very informative tour and a fantastic stop off for the musical fanatics out there. They also have year round concerts here, so remember to pick up a programme or view shows ahead of your departure and enjoy a night of live music and lively atmosphere surrounded in musical history.

After our stay we would highly recommend anyone to go to Lake Fuschl, or indeed Salzburg. There really is so much to do, yet your surroundings will remain peaceful allowing you to take control of your holiday so you can enjoy it how you want. The lake is peaceful and so the perfect place to retreat to after a long day sightseeing.