Monday, April 29

The world beyond sun and sea in Mexico

Mexico is a kaleidoscope of culture, landscape and gastronomy. The enormous offering of the country with the warm hospitality of the people makes it a great country to visit and love. There are inexhaustible avenues to explore and paths to discover. Every day in Mexico travellers can find something new aspects which may leave him pleasantly surprised, refreshed or simply overwhelmed. The presence of Caribbean Sea gives rise to a spectacular coastline and the soft sandy beach pulls everyone out of their houses. The comfortable weather, the fabulous gastronomy fest, the ancient ruins, the modern architecture and everything about this country is mesmerizing. 

Since time immemorial Mexico has been the cradle of human civilization. The pre-Hispanic sites attract history buffs from all across the globe. The massive pyramids at Teotihuacan which are accessible from Mexico City are major tourist attraction. Mexico provides the rare opportunity to soak in the marvels of history which is so rich and enriching. These pyramids are testimony to the advanced civilization which existed and flourished in Mexico.

Some notable sites include the hilltop ruins of Monte Alban which were once home to the Zapotec. Zapotec civilization dates back at least 2,500 years.  Zapotecs were scientifically advanced with their own calendar and writing system. It is located near the city of Oaxaca. Some sites such as the Palenque, a Maya site in a lush jungle in Chiapas is impressive but not easily accessible. The country is dotted with many sites where tourists can spend the whole day. The glory of Mexico is upheld by these ruins which stand as a testimony of its rich and glorious past. They are guarding some of the secrets which are perplexing to the modern human being.    

The landscape of Mexico is as mystical as its past. It is not just simply the beach and the sea as fun options but a world of choices. One will find the cenotes which are unusual and interesting waterways. This wonder of nature is a geological occurrence found in the Yucatan. It is basically a sinkhole in the shelf of limestone through which rainwater seeps underground. The area where the water gets collected form subterranean bodies of water known as cenotes.
Cenotes are natural swimming holes and perfect for snorkeling as the water is fresh and icy cold. They are generally partially or completely underground hence there is paucity of light inside. Sometimes through holes in the cavern ceiling sunlight hits the cenotes making the water sparkle. 

For a desert landscape one can go to Sonora and Baja California. Puerto Penasco or Rocky Point as it is also known is sandwiched between the Sonoran desert and the sea of Cortez. Because of its close proximity to the US, it is a favorite tourist and retirement destination for people living on the other side of the border. 

The gastronomy of Mexico was recognized by UNESCO as part of world heritage in 2010. The diverse regions have distinct flavors which are sure to titillate the taste buds. From unusual offerings to world famous street servings such as tacos, Mexican food is worth trying. Being situated near the sea, seafood is a delicacy and is served across a wide range of palate. 

Each region has its own offering such as Oaxaca in southwestern Mexico is famous for multiple moles, complex stewed sauces served over meats. For chocolate lovers Mexico is indeed a haven because here one can have it Oaxacan style which is served warm with water. They can witness the transformation from beans into bars in the store. Be it bar, brick or liquid form, chocolate is just the best in Mexico. Be it sweet, sour or hot, Mexican food is an amalgamation of the best taste worth relishing. Not just Mexican food, major cities in Mexico now have great restaurants which serve world class cuisines from around the world.

Mexico wine is also making news. Once famous for Tequila, Mexico is now emerging as the new center of fine wine production. Baja California region of Mexico is the hub of wine industry which has many vineyards, wineries and hosts many wine festivals throughout the year.
Mexico is a destination without compare.  To see, experience and assimilate Mexico one needs to come here again and again!

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