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Holidaying in the Pacific Islands

If you’re looking for a holiday with a difference, the opportunity to explore tropical islands and vibrant cultures, look no further than the Pacific Islands. The Pacific Islands, located as the name suggests in the Pacific Ocean, are home to pristine white deserted beaches, tropical forests, traditional towns and villages and serene turquoise waters, providing the perfect base for relaxation, indulgence and discovery.


Fiji is perhaps the most well-known of the pacific Islands and it attracts thousands of visitors each year; Fiji is a popular spot for travellers making their way around Asia and Australasia before heading home to the UK via Los Angeles or Hawaii and you will find hundreds of young travellers from Europe congregating in hostels and guesthouses in Nadi before embarking on island adventures.

A trip to Fiji is not complete without a trip out to the islands; Nadi, located on Viti Levu, the largest island in Fiji, is a good base to get money out, get a good night’s sleep and a hearty meal and perhaps to do a bit of shopping before heading out to the smaller, more remote islands by boat.

The most popular island groups with tourists are the Mamanuca Islands and The Yasawa Islands. The Mamanuca islands are just ten miles off the coast of Viti Levu and after a short boat trip you will be treated to stunning beaches and crystal clear waters.Tthe islands are exactly as you would expect from looking at brochures and photographs, tiny little bumps of paradise in a beautiful, serene sea.

The Yasawa Islands are a little further from Nadi but a visit is well worth your while and you will experience some amazing sights during the boat trip alone. The Yasawa Islands are more remote than the Mamanucas and give you the perfect opportunity to sample island life and recreate your very own ‘Treasure Island’ experience.

The people of Fiji are open, warm and positive; tourists are greeted with a friendly ‘bula’, the traditional Fijian greeting, wherever they go.

Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are a tropical paradise. The main island is Rarotonga, but there are several smaller islands to explore, including Aitutaki, which is a 40 minute flight away. Aitutaki is home to a stunning lagoon and coral reef; snorkelling is a must!

The Cook Islands are the perfect base for relaxation; the islands are relatively quiet, there are some amazing luxurious resorts and you really will feel like you are in paradise.


Tahiti is a favourite with celebrities. This stunning island is picture perfect and it is home to some of the world’s most exclusive resorts. Nearby Bora Bora boasts breathtaking views and some of the most beautiful beaches and lagoons in the world and it provides a perfect oasis away from the hustle and bustle of daily life at home. If your idea of a perfect holiday involves soaking up the sun, swimming in clear waters and sipping on refreshing cocktails, Tahiti is an ideal choice.


Western Samoa is made up of two islands: Upolu and Savai’i. The island of Samoa is fairly rugged and provides an ideal base for adventurers and those looking to discover and immerse themselves in Pacific Island culture. Tradition is very important in Samoa and village life remains the main focus for most people. A visit to the capital city, Pago Pago and its beautiful harbour is recommended.


Tonga is a great destination for those looking to combine sightseeing and relaxation with action and adventure. Visitors to Tonga have the opportunity to experience a host of water sports, whale watching and scuba diving, while those who are partial to rugby should take the time to watch a local team or get involved in a village game.

The Pacific islands are a great holiday destination. The year round sunshine and warm climates attract visitors from all corners of the globe and the islands really are paradise on earth, especially for beach lovers. The people of the Pacific Islands are notoriously friendly and laid-back and this is the perfect destination to chill out and recharge your batteries. The islands also provide an amazing opportunity to experience different traditions and a rich mixture of cultures.

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