Friday, May 17

Steps in the Cruise Car Parking Booking Procedure

How do you book a car parking space at the Southampton Port? The easiest way is to do it online. The different car parking services may have slight variations in the booking procedures; however, an idea about the regular steps involved in the booking procedure can be of help, whichever service you choose.

Step 1: You note down the details about your car. It is a good idea to note down these in advance. You have to provide the service these details when you book the parking space. Don’t rely on your memory to get everything right at that time.

It is also a good idea to decide beforehand whether you need any additional services for your car when it is with the service. Some car parking services offer extras such as cleaning and refilling.

Step 2: You get the date and time. The date on which your cruise begins and on which it ends is important. You also need to note down the arrival and departure cruise terminals at the Southampton Port.

Some car parking services for cruises, especially the ‘park and ride’ ones, have specific times of operation. You need to notify them about the arrival and departure timing to ensure they are available. Or else, you may get a 24x7 valet parking service.

Step 3: You enter the details on the online form. The ease of the online booking is that you can do it right from your home or office. With most cruise parking services, you just need to fill up the basic details.

Some car parking services only need the start and end dates of your cruise to provide a quote. Others may ask for more details about the cruise or the car before they can provide an online price quote.

Step 4: The service provides a price quote. Some parking services offer an instant price quote based on the details you provide. Others may take some time to do this. They send over the quote via email.

Make sure you check what is included in the price for the car parking. If there are hidden costs and extra charges, you may have to pay more than what you initially thought. Read the terms and conditions before you agree to anything.

Step 5: If it is suitable, you make the payment. If the price seems reasonable, and the quote includes the necessity, you may go ahead with the booking. Make the payment to confirm the booking.

Many of the car parking services accept credit and debit card payments. It is important that the payment gateway they use is secure. Check the details to ensure that the method used for the payment is reliable. 

Step 6: You get a confirmation. After the service operating the Port parking receives your payment, it sends you an email confirmation of this. Make sure that you get this with the right date and time.

Your car parking space booking is complete! Once you have paid and it has confirmed the booking, you can be rest assured that there would be no difficulty once you reach the Southampton Port. All you need to do now is pack your bags for the cruise.

Don’t forget to make a phone call or send an email a day before your cruise to ask whether everything is in place. A reliable and proficient service would ensure that there are no hassles for you. A valet parking would also ensure that you drive down to the port in your car, hand it over to a driver and board your cruise without any worry.

About the author: Ethan Roberts is a parking specialist with years of experience in these services. He shares handy tips and suggestions and interesting bits of information about Southampton cruise port parking. A little knowledge about the booking process can help you handle it with ease.