Friday, June 28

Find out the Tricks to take Photos in the Rain

Have you ever thought to photograph when it rains? You might wonder is it possible to capture pictures while it rains. Well, you believe it or not; photographs can be taken when it rains. And good photographers head out to make excellent photographs when it starts raining.

Of course, photographing in the rains does involve some challenges and these challenges comprise two categories.

One- how to keep your camera safe and dry; of course on one cares if you get wet or not, and two, how to capture rain in the photograph. Well, the latter is incomprehensible. This is because you might think that when you can see the rains, it is possible to capture it in your image. Amazingly, the rain often appears dull, grey and invisible. Let us get some tips:

Get a raincoat for your camera

It is easier to find an appropriate raincoat for your camera from the market. But, having it with you when it rains is the real problem. There is a certain reason behind this. Any rain cover that can protect your camera, first of all is completely against every storm and secondly, it is bulky as well to carry every day.  Well, it is advisable to take only camera rain gear that takes only a small space in your bag. This is a better option to get a rain jacket that has an adjustable elastic band to fasten around the front of the lens.

Take with you a large plastic bag

A large plastic will do a satisfactory job to protect your camera and keep it dry. Make a hole in one end to penetrate your camera lens through and hold your hand at the other end.

Take a shelter 

Set up your shelter with an awning on a dry spot and wait for the perfect picture. All you need is to be patient.

Take pictures from inside a car

Taking images from inside a car can be the best course of action. It is the best way as well to snap a good piece of pictures without getting wet. If the wind is at your back, you can keep the window pane of the car open and get an opportunity to have the best images. This is what an expert landscape photographer Tony Whittle has suggested.

Get one umbrella

It is better to have an umbrella with you to shoot during the rain. Of course, you should opt for a folding umbrella. You can fit your umbrella on the camera. Thus, it enables you to take good pictures. Well, do not use an umbrella when there are thunderstorms.

Capture reflections

If you want to capture rain in your photograph, you have to be in a downpour. Do not visualise that it is raining. Find out ways that the rain metamorphoses trite scenes into opulent, reflected paintings.

Light the rain from the behind 

Make rain more visible by back lighting it. The light penetrating through the raindrops is focused and somewhat brighter compared to the rest of the scene. Therefore, it is better to find some light sources to capture that magical moment. Whatever light sources you choose, make sure to shoot into the light to have a better snaps of raindrops.