Wednesday, June 26

Read the Cancellation Policy before You Book Airport Parking

When you plan a trip to a national or international destination, you also need to think about what you would do with the car once you reach the airport. The airport from which you board the flight may have an attached parking lot. However, it is often the most expensive choice. It is best to choose a parking space with a private service.

It is easy to book a car parking space at the airport; however, before you do it, you have to think about something else too. What if your flight, or your trip, is cancelled? What if your itinerary changes? You need to check the policy of the service, especially these points, before you book a parking space with them.

You need to focus on the following points about bookings, cancellations, changes and costs:

The cost depends on the duration for which you keep the car in the parking space. You have to pay for the number of days your car stays in the airport parking area operated by the service. You can get an estimate of cost before you make a decision. You need to provide the dates of arrival and departure to get this estimate. 

The cost may depend on the time of arrival and departure too. Some car parking services calculate the costs based on the date as well as the time for which you keep your car with them. For them, you have to specify the date and time of arrival and departure. However, many parking services focus on the dates only.

The cancellation procedure must be convenient. If you face numerous hurdles to cancel the booking or cannot reach anyone at the telephone number available, it may only be a hassle. Find the details of the procedure to cancel before you select a service; also, check what previous customers have to say about their experience.

The cancellation must be made within the specified period. Every service has a period within which you must cancel the booking to get a refund. The majority of the services require you to cancel the booking at least 24 hours before the booking period. It may not be possible to cancel it at the last moment and expect the service to give the refund.

The cancellation of booking may mean a refund. Read the cancellation policy of the service before you choose them. Many offer customers the opportunity to cancel the booking prior to a specific period. Many services pay a full refund if you cancel the booking at least 24 hours before the specified date and time.

The cancellation waiver may be available for customers. Some car parking services operating at the airport offer a cancellation waiver that you may include when you book with them. Available for a small fee, this waiver gives you the option to get back your money, minus the processing charges, if you cancel the booking later.

The service may accommodate changes if notified within the specified period. Suppose you are flying out of Southampton on a specific date and returning three weeks later. Some services operating airport parking Southampton may adjust to a change in your itinerary if you notify them on time and adjust the costs accordingly.

Before you choose any car parking service, read their terms and conditions carefully.

A competent service would have no hidden charges or cancellation waivers. It would operate in a simple, straightforward manner. Your task is to find such a service. You may ask around to get a recommendation from a family or friend. You may also use online resources to find services operating in the airport you plan to catch the flight from.

Author Bio: Ethan Roberts is a parking specialist with years of experience in these services. He shares handy tips and suggestions and interesting bits of information about airport parking in Southampton. If you are looking for the best benefits from an airport parking service, a ‘meet and greet’ option works best for you.