Thursday, August 15

Maximise Your Summer Experience by Travelling To London

Summer is now with us and we can make the most out of this warm weather. For those looking for summer travel ideas, London presents one of the greatest destinations you can pick for your summer holidays. This city occupies a central place in the global map as one of the richest, most beautiful and interesting cities in the world.

Why Choose London?

Those travelling to London the first time during this summer will cherish the time due to the marvel the city presents. On the other hand those who have been there before, the city has undergone a lot of renovation especially after hosting the Olympics and celebrating a Jubilee.

Due to the economic downturn, it would be expected that the city slows in development. This is not the case as the city is becoming abuzz with restaurants, bars, theatres and other recreational facilities. These facilities make London the best place to spend your summer time whether individually, as a family or as a group.

What Are The Attractions?

The warm summer weather in this beautiful English city coupled with the fabulous sites to behold is what many people visiting London are looking for. Discussed below are some of the most important attractions the city of London has to offer this summer.

Royal Parks: You can enjoy the beauty of the sky and the panoramic view of the surrounding green the city's Royal Parks including Regent's Park, Waterloo Park, Hyde Park, Richmond Park and Lee Valley Regional Park among others. Here you will get to marvel at the royal nature with some of the wild animal species in the entire world.

Columbia Road Flower Market: With the sun out, its rays illuminate the streets of this market giving it life. The delight that comes with this is simply spectacular. You will behold the beauty of street vendors selling samosas, cakes and coffee from their doorsteps. You will also be entertained with sweet and refreshing sounds of the street musicians.

The royal botanical gardens: These amazing gardens at Kew are some of the loveliest places in the world. These gardens have the largest collection of living plants in the world. Only adults are allowed to tour the place with a tour fee of £40, which includes a guide as well as admission. You also have the option of climbing the London's tallest tree (up to 18 meters).

Trafalgar Square: Another attraction you may never want to miss during your summer visit to London is the Trafalgar Square. Here you will enjoy everything from dance demos to free film screening. It is also the home to the so-called Fourth Plinth, which displays a wide variety of traditional sculptures.

London city green spaces: With the warmth that comes with the summer, grass, flowers and herbs spring up with life and this creates a heavenly environment that is fresh, rejuvenating and serene. The city has green spaces that are under the management of the city authorities. The popular ones are Epping Forest and Hampstead Heath.

Great nights: The warm summer nights deserve something indulging and entertaining. This is the reason why the city of London becomes live at night with several recreational places. The most popular things you will find enjoyable and interesting is the outdoor movie screens at the Somerset House (the best open-air cinema in the entire city).

In addition to these attractions, some events have been scheduled to take off this summer. You can take the opportunity to watch the events live. The current event to watch out for is the City of London Festival, which takes place annually. It consists of 50-ticketed performances and over 100 free outdoor events you can participate in. This year, the festival started on June 23rd and expected to end in July 24th. It is likely that you find the best event to evolve that suits you.

These are just a tip in the iceberg as there are endless attractions that the Largest English city has to offer and make it the best place to visit during this summer. London's accessibility to the rest of the world also makes it an easy destination to pick. The city has executive and luxurious rentals, hotels and other accommodation facilities to make your stay as enjoyable and fruitful as possible. In addition to this, the accommodation prices are quite competitive and there is something for everyone.