Monday, September 30

A 3 Days Diving Whitsundays Experience aboard Kiana

Sailing is something that both I and my girlfriend love and we do want to experience as much as possible every single year. Out of the different adventures that we were on, the 3 days diving Whitsundays experience aboard Kiana was one that we will always love. There are, of course, both pros and cons that can be highlighted and I do believe that offering such inside info about a package of any kind will help tourists to make a choice that is suitable according to their personal wishes. I will talk a little about Kiana and will then offer more details about our actual vacation.

About Kiana

Kiana is basically a 3 people operated vessel (one being a cook) that has a length of 16 meters and offers accommodations for a maximum of 14 passengers. It will be a little tight when all the beds are covered but when we travelled there were only 6 people. It was great to see that the tour was still done, even if not all tickets were sold.

A trip on the Kiana lasts 3 days and 2 nights and tours start on Monday and Friday at 8 AM. Various room types exist but the price is always 699 AUD per person with the exception of the share single bed, which is a little cheaper at 649 AUD.

Every single tour includes a dive and you would need to pay extra if you want to dive more. We only took one dive since we mainly wanted to relax. I am not saying that diving is not great since the reef was great but we wanted to focus on something else since we were both really tired because of our jobs.

The trip takes you to Bait Reef, which has so many different diving sites. Snorkelling is also a common activity here. I was told that during June to September you can participate in whale watching but that was not the case for us. However, an afternoon stay on Whitehaven Beach is included and I have to say that this is something that everyone loves and that everyone will love. This is a wonderful beach and there are no words to express how great we felt there. Kiana will also take you to Hook Island and a bushwalk tour of the Whitsunday National Park is included.


• The crew was great and the instructor took really good care of us
• There was an installation that refilled oxygen tanks fast so I guess that you can dive as much as you want based on how much you pay and the weather
• The interior of the boat is very stylish with all that you might need, including a dishwasher and a surprisingly large shower
• The deck is spacious and you can bathe in the sun if that is what you want
• The food was great and the smell of it cooking made the evenings more enjoyable
• All offered services were of a high quality standard
• I am a big lover of wine and I did not get a chance to enjoy the wonderful dishes with a good glass of wine
• I suspect that during really warm Summer months the temperatures are a little too high inside the boat, although there is air conditioning
• We need to pay $35 for a DVD that includes photos of our trip, all professionally created and that is a price tag that is a little too high according to US.


We had a wonderful experience and we can say that Kiana is a great way to experience diving in Whitsundays. The locations chosen were awesome and the reef hid so many colorful fish that were a delight to look at. This boat is perfect for those that do not want to go on a large party boat and that do want to experience diving in a smaller group. The only problem is that when all spots are booked, you might feel a little weird as the level of privacy is a little low. However, that is to be expected with such a tour board.

About the author: Adrian Cruce is an aspiring tech and travel blogger. He constantly tries to experience something new and the Kiana diving tour that he talks about was one of the diving Whitsundays tours on Whitsundays Sailing Adventures.