Friday, October 25

A Guide to Your London Trip for Maximum Enjoyment

London is an amazing place to visit. But visiting London requires a lot of planning too, as one small flip flop can take out the joy of the trip. Taking some major yet simple steps will ensure that your London holiday is an evergreen one.

Within London, there are so many places to visit and as such the selection can seem overwhelming. If you want to see huge tourist attractions, better go during a time of year when crowds are less.

Book your hotel

Plan out your accommodation in advance and make sure it is confirmed. For that research on all options that offer the lowest rates for the best rooms. If hotels are expensive there is the luxury of booking short let apartments London like serviced apartments which are centrally located.  Staying in serviced apartments helps in saving considerably as it offers self catering facilities with well equipped kitchen.   Short let London is always the best option for Budget travellers. You can contact a letting agency and give your specifications to book an apartment in advance.

Things to Carry

Figure out the essentials you want to take with you. Batteries can be expensive in European countries, so bring a few bucks if you need them. Bring stock adapters for your electronic items. Since you cannot fill your prescriptions in a European country, bring medicines during the trip that will last your entire trip.

Credit Cards

Credit cards can offer a good exchange rate for people to travel. But find out if your bank charges a currency conversion fee for each transaction. Planning in advance is the key to a successful holiday.


Since taxis are expensive, decide how you can reach each of your destinations. To travel by train there are train passes and discounted Oyster cards. Renting a car is an option but an International Driving Permit is mandatory.

In the London trip you have to between several modes of transportation to get around the city. London’s public transport system is very efficient. The extensive underground subway will get you to any part of the city. This saves a lot in terms of travelling expenses. London’s red double-decker buses are another cheap mode of transport. Among taxis, Heathrow taxis are flexible and very convenient.

Sight Seeing

London sightseeing must also be planned well in line with the duration of your stay. In fact there is so much to see and time will be less. Take a London Sightseeing bus tour to a firsthand idea of the main sights. Purchase certain passes for major attractions as a great money saver than trying to pay for attractions on an individual basis.


London Theatre is a priority for all visitors. So book the tickets in advance. West end shows during the summer months and weekends will be packed. So make sure you have your tickets in advance to save the pain of running around using the time that can be spent constructively.

Night Out

London night outs are fabulous. There are amazing restaurants, clubs and pubs. So get a recommendation from the staff in your apartment and enjoy the evening thoroughly.

About the author: Henry is a professional blogger and traveler associated with Short Let Apartments as a writer. He love to write about travel, London Short Stay Apartments and therefore he possesses practical insight about the travel and rental industry.