Wednesday, November 13

Weird and unusual hotels of the world

These days there is a wide variety of hotels in the world. You can choose among many beautiful hotels at wonderful places. But for those of you who want something unique, something that will blow your mind; if you're looking for adventure and you want to be able to say proudly 'I have been there', then there are a few extraordinary hotels that will amaze you so much, you will have an unforgettable time. If you want to become part of a weird experience at an unusual hotel, check our list of such.

The Mirrorcube

The Mirrocube in Harads, Sweden is a hotel on a tree that is a box covered in mirrors. It can accommodate two people and it offers a living room, a small bathroom, a double bed and a terrace. It can be entered by a rope bridge which is linked to another tree. What is unique about this hotel, except for the fact it's a cubic tree house, the glass has an ultraviolet colour which can be only seen by birds, in order to save birds hitting in the mirrors. Another great feature is the one-way mirror which allows you to see everything surrounding the hotel.


The Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden is the biggest made from ice and snow hotel in the world. Even beds, and all furniture as a matter of fact, are made of ice. In case you decide to stay there, warm clothes are necessary since temperature in the hotel is minus 5 degrees. What else makes the Icehotel unique is the fact that every year it melts down and gets built up again.  Architects take care of reconstructing the hotel every year, which means that if you liked it the first time and in case you decide to visit it again, it will look much differently.

Marmara Antalya

This hotel is in Antalya, Turkey and its famous for being the first revolving hotel in the world. It turns 360 degrees a few times a day, providing guests with a different view all the time.

Dog Bark Park Inn

It's a cute bed and breakfast hotel in Cottonwood, Idaho designed in the shape of a big dog, called Sweet Willy. The hotel, which is made of wood, is about nine meters tall and about four meters wide. It can accommodate four people at a time.

Jules Underwater Lodge

It's a former research laboratory in Key Largo, Florida turned into the first hotel under water. To get in, guests have to dive six meters, which requires a 3-hour scuba class in advance. If you want to lie in bed and see sea wildlife around you, that's the place for you.

Propeller Island City Lodge

It's an amazing hotel in Berlin which offers different themed rooms, some of which present very extreme ideas. One of them is the upside-down room which was designed this way in order to alter guests' perceptions. Another example is The Two Lions room. There are cages there and a two-way mirror to the next room, which makes it perfect for exhibitionists. Gruft is perhaps the weirdest room of all. It's in a Gothic style and beds there are in the shape of caskets. It's suitable for people who enjoy terrifying extremes.

Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren

It's a hotel in Stavoren, the Netherlands. It uses old wine vats that are reconstructed into rooms. What's interesting about this hotel is that the smell of delicious wine has remained in the vats, which can turn your stay there into a lovely inebriating holiday.

These days there are many different types of hotels that people can choose among. There are hotels suitable for every wish, no matter how weird, twisted or extreme.

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