Thursday, September 3

Romantic London – An Info-graphic

Although London is a bustling cosmopolitan city of over 8million people, you can still find its lighter and more romantic side. A stroll along its canals or a picnic in its many city centre parks are really enjoyable experiences and are fantastic ways to soak up the atmosphere.

The city also has a wealth of sights to see which makes it a fantastic city break choice. From historic museums to theatres to vibrant markets, it is difficult not to be taken in by the sheer excitement of it all.

While London can be an expensive city to visit – transport and accommodation can eat into your budget – with careful planning, you can still organize a memorable and affordable trip to the U.K. capital.

This info-graphic from LA Stretch Limos who are based in London, charts the romantic sights to be found in the city. Many of these suggestions are free and their style varies greatly so there’s sure to be something from this list that will score you some major brownie points with your partner whatever their interests might be!

Romantic London – An Info-graphic