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Study in Australia - Cost and Scholarships

Why Study In Australia?

Are you worried about your study in Australia? Or getting confused about which country to choose for studying in abroad? We can help you in making the right decision for your carrier. You will be glad to know that Australia is one of the top demanding destinations of Indian students for featuring high-quality education and affordable cost.

For international students, Australia is become the 3rd most acceptable country after following the USA and UK. There have many renowned Institutions placed in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, where you can study your desired courses. You can take judgment after going through the following database conducted by Times Higher Education for the session 2017-2018 - 

Name of University
% of Enrolment of International Students
Murdoch University
48 %
University of South Australia
41 %
University of Melbourne
40 %
Bond University
39 %
University of Technology Sydney
37 %
Curtin University
37 %
Australian National University
35 %
University of New South Wales
34 %
University of Sydney
32 %
Charles Darwin University
31 %

Living cost in Australia: Below the given data is just an average idea, cost may vary in terms of various locations in Australia. Cost is as per Australian dollars. Give a look -

Accommodation Cost
(Weekly Basis)
Hotels/Guest Houses
$95 to $155
Room Rent(Multi Bed)
$90 to $220
Room Rent(Single Bed)
$170 to $450
Campus Expenses
$95 to $290
 Eating expenses
$85 to $285
Gas and electricity Expenses
$40 to $145
Phone and Internet Bill
$22 to $55
Entertainment Expenses
$85 to $155

Total Living Expenses (weekly)
$682 to $1755
Total Living Expenses (Monthly)
$2728 to $7020


Cost of Studying in Australia: In Australia cost of each degree is calculating unit basis, not a yearly basis. Each unit is under a fee band, so cost may not be same for every student as because of most students are studying a combination of units.

Cost as per Australian Dollars 
Bachelor’s Degree
Post Graduate and PhD
$20315 to $37580
Vocational Education and Training (VET) Courses

Scholarships for international students: Australian universities give scholarships as per merit basis. Moreover, you can get financial aid from many government sources expect universities and colleges. International students may find scholarships from followings sources.

Australia Awards: Those meritorious students fulfil the criteria as per Australia Awards; they are eligible to get scholarships (Includes Tuition Fees, Living Expenses, Air Fare and Health Cover) the source.  Undergraduate, Post-graduate and TAFE Certification courses are listed to the scholarships.

Postgraduate Scholarships: IPRS (International Postgraduate Research Scholarships) or Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship is offered for those meritorious students are looking for postgraduate programmes at Australian Institutions.

Australian University Scholarships: The followings universities may offer you scholarships if you are able to enter the merit list conducting by them. Universities are -

  • RMIT University: Courses included for eligible scholarships are- Engineering, Science and Health stream and also Global Leaders Scholarship for postgraduates.
  • Edith Cowan Scholarship: Early acceptance scholarship
  • The University of Sydney: Vice chancellor’s international scholarships.
  • La Trobe University: Postgraduate excellence scholarships.
  • The University of Queensland: MBA student scholarship and UQ international India scholarship for high achievers.
  • Deakin College: Merit scholarships.
  • Federation University Australia Scholarships.