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7 Reasons Why India Is the Best Budget Destination

India is a land of contrasts and vividity. The country has everything to keep the tourist engaged and mesmerized. What makes India even more popular among the international tourists are the lowest prices that its offerings have. While the country has everything to attract the rich, it also has a plethora of attractions for those on a tight budget as well. Tourist places in India are much affordable.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why India Is the Best Budget Destination

1. Lower Lodging Costs

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You can book a hotel room for a whole day (24 hours) in Rs 500 or even less, in India. The low-cost hotel rooms offer a range of amenities, including air conditioner, television, attached bathroom, and others, with the room attendant only a call away. If you are willing to spend more, there are other more premium option available.

2. Cheap Food

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You can get a hot and steaming cup of tea in mere Rs 5, in India. This price would give you an idea on how cheap food and drinks in India can be. In less than a dollar, you can easily buy a full thali (the elaborate meal), which has the native culinary delights, apart from being nutritious. Dining at the most expensive restaurants will not burn a hole in your pocket. You can enjoy the Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean, and other cuisines and recipes at a fraction of their international costs here.

Note: See to it that the food and drinks you consume have been prepared in a hygienic manner and are well covered.

3. Affordable Travel

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Travelling in India is quite cheap, if you opt for the government run travel enterprises, including railways and buses. You can travel a distance of more than 200 kilometers in less than 2 US dollars, via Indian railways. The state-run Roadways buses are also a cheaper travel option. Even the cabs and taxis cost less, when you compare the international rates. Both OLA and Uber offer taxi rides in India, and there are thousands of other travel agency services as well. Many times people come to enjoy rail journey in India.

4. Cheap Services

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For those coming from the more developed western countries, or North America, the services in India are relatively cheaper, and more affordable. A hair cut/shave in India costs less than a dollar, and the body massages are also quite affordable. This is due to the humongous population of India, which makes labor quite cheap. You will have a lot to spare, even after you hire a professional guide for your tour, which is why the international tourists are quite gracious and liberal in the tips (monetary rewards) they offer.

5. Shop at Lowest Costs

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India is a paradise for the shoppers, be it the locals or the international tourists. Availability of a range of manufacturing raw goods, and easy and cheap availability of labor, helps Indian industrialists to manufacture the same goods at low costs. You can buy a pair of Jeans (Indian Brand) in less than Rs 600 (USD 8 to USD 10). The same goes true for shirts, other wearables, and footwear. When compared to US or international costs, these products cost only a fraction (1/3rd or half). Indian handicrafts, blankets, grooming kits (for both men and women), and other lifestyle products also cost low.

6. Cheap Attraction Prices

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Most of the historic monuments in India have a low entrance/visit fee, and you can visit a majority of them in less than $5. Taj Mahal is the most expensive attraction to visit in India, and costs $17. Other ancient monuments, art galleries, palaces, wildlife sanctuaries, and places of tourist interest are priced at low costs. You can see miraculous and impressive places, at affordable costs, and some are even free.

7. Cheap Survival

You can survive in India in less than $20 a day. In $50, you can enjoy the best perks and amenities. This includes your food and lodging costs, and your travel expenses.

India has a great ecological diversity, and its magnificent past has given it several astounding and impeccable monuments and architecture. The country offers all what a tourist would like and imagine, at unbelievable costs.

Author's Bio: Rohit brings to Trans India Travel the best of India. His writings offer detailed information on the various tourist attractions in India and are useful and exciting.

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